Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and MeditationThe practice of Mindfulness and Meditation, with its origins in Buddhist tradition, has gained popularity in the realm of therapy and psychology to treat and alleviate a number of mental health concerns including anxiety disorders, depression, and the addictive disorders. Simply stated, mindfulness is focused awareness of the present moment. Thus, one of the chief goals of Mindfulness and Meditation is to learn techniques that help you remain anchored in the present moment.  It is often the case with anxiety and depression that we get “stuck” in the past or in a state of worry over future events.  Mindfulness teaches the value of guiding and redirecting our attention to the here and now.

A natural balance exists between doing and thinking, however, stress, anxiety and depression can occur when this balance becomes disturbed.  A state of being mindful frees us from the entanglements of stress, anxiety, and depression.  In most everyday experiences, the conscious mind struggles to keep up with an endless flowing of changing perceptions of data from the external world.  Mindfulness is presence, clarity and freedom: it is being and observing yourself without judging yourself.  Watch these videos to get a better sense of mindfulness and meditation:


And for the more technically/psychologically inclined:

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