Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) sometimes called Motivational Interviewing, involve therapy sessions in which feedback is given and discussed in an purposefully non-confrontational way. Motivational enhancement therapy is a client-centered therapeutic style for to facilitate change in behavior by assisting clients in the exploration and resolution of ambivalence. This type of therapeutic approach has been used with great effectiveness in the treatment of persons with addictive disorders. MET employs a directive and empathetic approach in which the therapist gives constructive feedback intended to nurture and strengthen the client’s willingness and commitment to change.  There is also an emphasis on self-efficacy. The goal of Motivational Enhancement Therapy is to elicit intrinsic motivation for change involving a person’s relationship with substances by resolving ambivalence, encouraging self-motivational attitudes, ideas, and commitments to change.  The MET therapist expects to meet with some resistance from the client and “goes with” the resistance in a neutral, nonthreatening way rather than correcting or contradicting them.

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