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Baton Rouge TherapistsOur experienced Baton Rouge therapist professionals offer private therapy and counseling in Baton Rouge for a wide range of issues and problems. The specialty areas of practice listed below are where we can best serve you. Remember–not everyone who has anxiety, depression, anger issues, grief, relationship issues, or substance abuse has all of the listed symptoms all of the time. Every individual is different and symptoms can manifest in unique ways. If you have a particular question about a Baton Rouge therapist specialty, please feel free to contact Baton Rouge Counseling at (225) 293-2913.

Marriage & Family Relationships

marriage counseling • couples therapy • divorce and separation • extramarital affairs (cheating) • online affairs or ‘Internet infidelity’ • intimacy problems • communication issues • relationship ending • blended families and step families • codependency • family of origin issues • parenting issues

Relationships, Marriage, and FamilyOur Baton Rouge therapists are experts in marriage and family relationship issues. Relationships are mirrors through which we experience ourselves. They can be a source of tremendous pleasure and sometimes awful pain. Considering all the things we learn about in formal education, it’s interesting that most of us were never actually taught how to have relationships–how to choose a partner, how to deal with differences and resolve conflict, and how to know when it’s time to separate. We end up learning through trial and error, often accompanied by a lot of heartache and pain. One problem commonly experienced in relationships is placing unrealistic expectations on ourselves or our partner. Romantic relationships can be difficult to understand even in ideal circumstances–and can easily cause anxiety and despair when trust issues, conflict, and betrayal arise. Couples sometimes reach the point where they wonder if the relationship is worth saving. In relationship counseling, your therapist can help you sort through these issues, let go of unhealthy patterns of interaction, and gain insight into how to have successful and healthy relationships. Read more about our Baton Rouge therapists approach to marriage counseling in Baton Rouge.

Online Cheating and InfidelityOne growing area of concern our Baton Rouge therapists see often involves online cheating or Internet affairs. Many spouses who get involved in Internet affairs feel justified or are in denial and believe that having an online relationship isn’t really cheating. They may claim it isn’t real because there is no physical contact between the two parties. However, there are usually intimate discussions and talk of sex. Internet cheating can and often does lead to an in-person meeting for real physical and sexual contact. Online affairs can become ‘addictive’ for the cheating spouse, causing the person to spend increasing time on the Internet and away from the family. Some signs of online cheating include a spouse who closes the web browser as soon as you enter the room, signs up for multiple email accounts, insists on privacy while online, places special passwords on the computer, and goes online while the rest of the family is asleep. Marriage Counseling with a trained Baton Rouge therapist can help you face these issues, modify the behaviors and help couples repair damage to the relationship. Our Baton Rouge therapists offer a safe forum and an objective professional to discuss and deal with the emotions you are experiencing.  To schedule an appointment, give Baton Rouge Counseling a call at (225) 293-2913.

Counseling for Addiction Issues

drug or alcohol problem • DWI or drug arrest • oxycontin addiction • loss of employment • failed a drug test • need a substance use evaluation • family member with a drug problem • counseling for people utilizing medication-assisted treatment (MAT) (please note we do not prescribe medications) • 12-step recovery and alternatives to 12 step recovery • anger and addiction

Substance AbuseIf you’re looking for a Baton Rouge therapist with experience treating addiction, you’ve come to the right place.  Substance abuse problems, or “addictions” as they are often called, can be overwhelming and devastating to both the individual and their family. If you are struggling with a substance use problem, whatever the substance is, you are going to need help to change. Baton Rouge therapist Todd Atkins, LCSW understands and has first hand personal and professional experience with these issues. It can be very difficult to reach out for help if you’re feeling judged or “labeled” (i.e., “you’re an alcoholic,” or “you have a disease”) or if someone is pushing you into seeking treatment against your will. As your therapist in Baton Rouge, our approach to counseling and therapy is to work with you where you are and give feedback and support without judging, labeling, or pushing you. Together we can take a look at the problem from your perspective, and review options.

Miller & Rollnick (2002) in their book Motivational Interviewing, Second Edition: Lessons Preparing People for Change eloquently explain:

We are suggesting quite a different understanding of motivation. Many of the clients we see have had no dearth of suffering. Humiliation, shame, guilt, and angst are not the primary engines of change. Ironically, such experiences can even immobilize the person, rendering change more remote. Instead, constructive behavior change seems to arise when the person connects it with something of intrinsic value, something important, something cherished. Intrinsic motivation for change arises in an accepting, empowering atmosphere that makes it safe for the person to explore the possibly painful present in relation to what is wanted and valued. People often get stuck, not because they fail to appreciate the down side of their situation, but because they feel at least two ways about it. The way out of that forest has to do with exploring and following what the person is experiencing and what, from his or her perspective, truly matters.

If you’re considering talking to a Baton Rouge therapist about an addiction or substance abuse issue, give us a call at (225) 293-2913 or take a look at the Stages of Change for more on our view of change.

Anger Management

hot temper • irritability • frustration • being overly sensitive • verbal arguments • feelings of rage • perfection and high expectations of self and others • short fuse • having to say you’re sorry repeatedly • the need to be “right” most of the time • rigid “black or white” thinking patterns

Anger ManagementIf these things seem familiar to you, you may benefit from a Baton Rouge therapist for anger management counseling. Anger is a normal human emotion everyone experiences from time to time. However, when anger gets out of control, it can alienate friends and family. How you handle an anger impulse also has an effect on your health and well-being. Stress hormones are released, your blood pressures rises and things can get violent. Some people may even develop a reputation as a “dangerous” or “angry person”. When you express your anger in unhealthy ways, it can trigger others to become angry and defensive as well. People with an untreated anger problem often end up socially isolated because they have inadvertently pushed people away. Learning to properly manage anger is relatively simple and can be achieved in a reasonable time frame in therapy.  Check out our blog posts on anger and addiction and managing emotions. To schedule an appointment with a Baton Rouge therapist for anger management issues, call Baton Rouge Counseling at (225) 293-2913.

Anxiety, Worry, and Fear

feeling tense and jumpy • persistent/intense worry & fear • restlessness and irritability • obsession & compulsion • intrusive thoughts • headaches and muscle tension • dizziness and nausea • trouble concentrating • insomnia and fatigue • sweating and pounding heartbeat • feelings of panic • feelings of dread or apprehension

AnxietyOur Baton Rouge therapist professionals work with anxiety issues quite frequently. Feelings of worry and tension or fear are normal when under pressure or dealing with a stressful situation. Anxiety is the body’s natural response to danger. However, when anxiety is overwhelming or constant, when it interferes with activities and relationships then it crosses the line into an anxiety disorder. Although there are several different types of anxiety disorders, they all share one common symptom: a severe or persistent worry or fear in situations where most people wouldn’t feel threatened. In counseling, your Baton Rouge therapist can help you find relief and you can learn effective ways to cope with and reduce anxiety.  If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, give us a call at (225) 293-2913.

Counseling for Depression

problems sleeping or sleeping too much • difficulty concentrating, focusing, can’t seem to get things done • sudden loss of appetite or overeating • irritable and short-tempered • intrusive thoughts • overwhelming feelings of sadness, doom, or emptiness • thoughts of suicide or “giving up” • stop taking care of yourself • feeling hopeless or helpless • persistent restlessness or sluggishness • situational and clinical depression • counseling to enhance effectiveness of anti-depressant medications

Baton Rouge TherapistLooking for a Baton Rouge therapist for depression?  Everyone goes through ups and downs and sadness is sometimes a normal reaction to life’s difficulties and disappointments. Clinical depression or ‘major depressive disorder‘ is more than just sadness, and if you’re clinically depressed you can’t just “snap out of it”. Depression can be pervasive and devastating, and it can feel like you’re “living in a black hole”. You lose interest in things that used to bring you pleasure, have difficulty focusing and concentrating, feel hopeless and helpless and even worthless. Not everyone who’s depressed feels sadness per se. You may feel irritability, emptiness, lifelessness, like you don’t care. Depression can interfere with your functioning and impair your ability to work, eat, sleep, and have fun. Research shows that the most effective intervention for clinical depression is a combination of anti-depressants and counseling or therapy. Even though you may feel hopeless, with therapy and support you can feel better. It is tremendously helpful to have a Baton Rouge therapist who understands and cares.

Research has shown that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment for depression and is comparable in effectiveness to treatment with antidepressants. The combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and antidepressants has been shown to be most effective in managing severe or chronic depression.  If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment, call Baton Rouge Counseling at: (225) 293-2913.  You deserve a caring Baton Rouge therapist.

Perhaps you’ve been considering seeing a Baton Rouge therapist and are wondering how to choose your therapist and what to expect. Read our What to Expect at Your First Visit, and Frequently Asked Questions About Therapy for more insight into what therapy is all about.

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