Professional Disclosure Statement: (Client’s Bill of Rights)

From the Rules, Standards and Procedures of the La. State Board of Social Work Examiners:Professional Disclosure Statement

A social worker shall display at the social worker’s primary place of practice or make available for all clients a statement that the client has the right to:

1. Expect that the social worker has met the minimal qualifications of education, training, and experience required by state law;
2. Examine public records maintained by the Board which contain the social worker’s qualifications and credentials;
3. Be given a copy of the Standards of Practice upon request;
4. Report a complaint about the social worker’s practice to the Board;
5. Be informed of the range of fees for professional services before receiving the services;
6. Privacy as allowed by law, and to be informed of the limits of confidentiality;
7. Expect that the social worker will take reasonable measures consistent with the social worker’s duty of confidentiality to limit access to client information and any expressed waivers or authorizations executed by the client. Reasonable measures include restricting access to client information to appropriate agency or office staff whose duties require such access;
8. Receive information that a social worker is receiving supervision and that the social worker may be reviewing the client’s case with the social worker’s supervisor or consultant. Upon request, the social worker shall provide the name of the supervisor and the supervisor’s contact information;
9. Be free from being the object of discrimination while receiving social work services; and,
10. Have access to records as allowed by law.


Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners
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Telephone: 225-756-3470 or 800-521-1941 (LA only)

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