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Baton Rouge Marriage CounselingOur marriage counseling professionals are available and currently have openings for new couples. The bottom line is: marriage counseling works! If you are having issues in your relationship, get EXPERT help for your marriage problems. Research shows that marital counseling is effective and that it’s important to get professional help early on, preferably before problems reach critical stage. Chances are, if you’re reading this, your marriage or relationship needs help. Marriage counseling is generally short term. You may need only a few sessions to help you weather a crisis, sometimes longer, particularly if your relationship has significantly deteriorated. If you’re looking for the best marriage counseling in Baton Rouge, you’ve come to the right place.   We have experienced therapists on staff and we can usually schedule your initial appointment within a day or two.  Make the call: (225) 293-2913  and make the appointment or E-Mail us.

About Marriage Counseling

Give marriage counseling a chance to work for you. It is NOT too late.  When entering into counseling, you’ll have an opportunity to interact with a professional therapist who will not judge or take sides, but who has the experience, willingness and the courage to give you constructive feedback and tell you the truth. First, we focus on specifically defining and “diagnosing” where your relationship is now, and what part each of you play.  Together, we examine and take inventory of what is not working, and the thinking, perceptions, and attitudes that sustain the problem. We will look at communication patterns and fair fighting rules for couples. Each partner takes an honest look at their own issues, some of them likely dating back to the family of origin. Couples Therapy Baton Rouge In order to be able to start shaping your relationship into what you want it to be, you’re going to need to gain insight into how and why the things you’ve been doing are not working. Next we set specific goals to assist you in reconnecting with each other and look at ways to manage and maintain what you’ve learned. Sound interesting? There is hope. You and your partner can begin working to get what you want, stop the pain, and create more love, peace, and joy in your marriage.  Check out our tips to help save your marriage.  Our couples counseling professionals are committed to helping you save your relationship.

Is Marriage Counseling Effective?

Couples often do a lot of research or look for marriage counseling reviews trying to determine if counseling is effective.  Our counselors discovered an article in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy where there was compiled data from the clients of marriage counselors from fifteen different states that disclosed their experiences with counseling. Findings indicate marriage therapists addressed a broad range of problems and issues, the course of couples sessions are generally shorter than with individual counseling, and patient satisfaction and improvement in functioning are significantly high.

Couples Counseling Baton RougeOf client subjects from 526 marriage counselors across fifteen states:

* 98.1% of clients rated the counseling services as good or excellent
* 97.4% reported they were satisfied with counseling services received
* 97.1% reported they got the help they desired
* 96.9% would recommend their counselor to a friend
* 94.3% stated they would return to counseling in the future
* 93.0% are able to deal more effectively with problems
* 91.2% were satisfied with the amount of help they received in counseling
* 73.7% reported their children’s behavior improved
* 63.4% reported improved in their physical health
* 58.7% said their children’s school performance improved
* 54.8% reported improvement in functioning at work

Data taken from “Clinical Practice Patterns of Marriage and Family Therapists: A National Survey of Therapists and Their Clients”, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy. Vol 22, No. 1, published by American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

To schedule an appointment for couples counseling, call Baton Rouge Counseling at (225) 293-2913.  We are generally able to schedule your initial session within a few days.  If you are interested in premarital counseling in Baton Rouge follow the link for more information.


Adultery, Affairs, Infidelity and Cheating

Affairs, Cheating, InfidelityOne of the biggest destroyers of marriage is when one or both partners takes their sexuality outside of the marriage. Adultery, Affairs, Infidelity, Cheating — No matter what you call it, nothing damages a relationship or causes hurt quite as bad as finding out the person you love has cheated. Infidelity doesn’t always involve sex. When a person engages in any kind of romantic, sexual expression or intimacy outside the marriage, a breach of trust occurs, causing damage to the relationship. Some examples of this breach are: secret Internet or texting affairs (private chatting or emailing), pornography, fantasy crushes, emotional affairs (intimate talking but no sex). While people who engage in these practices are not actually having extramarital sex per se, they are purposely directing romantic or sexual energy outside of their relationship. These behaviors often begin innocently enough. While they may not have all of the same repercussions as physical adultery, they still betray the other person and the integrity and fidelity of the relationship. Dishonesty, deception, and unfaithful behavior are generally symptoms of a greater problems that exist in the relationship or individual issues with one person. Ultimately, intimacy suffers, walls are built, sexual desire goes away, interest vanishes, and isolation ensues.

Fixing a Marriage After Adultery

The good news is an affair doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the marriage. If you are willing to give marriage counseling a chance, your marriage can recover from infidelity. It takes a serious commitment and a willingness on both sides to take a hard look at themselves, the marriage, and to be willing to talk openly about what’s been going on. It takes getting honest with yourself and each other and telling it like it is. Our marriage counselors are experienced, insightful experts ready to help. If you want things to be different and you’re not ready to give up on your marriage, then contact Baton Rouge Marriage Counseling at (225) 293-2913 to schedule an appointment.  To review our profiles, go to meet our therapists.

Marriage Counseling Video Links

In addition to couples counseling in Baton Rouge, we recommend watching this four-part video lecture by John Gottman, Ph.D. on the topic of making relationships work.  Dr. Gottman is a leader in research and writing about relationships and marriage:


To schedule your initial appointment for marriage counseling in Baton Rouge LA, call us today at:  (225) 293-2913.

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