Therapist: Todd Atkins, LCSW

Baton Rouge therapist Todd Atkins is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with 8 years experience practicing clinical social work in Baton Rouge. His undergraduate degree is in psychology, and he earned a Master of Social Work degree from LSU in 1996.  In addition to a broad range of clinical experience, Todd Atkins has 2 years of doctoral education and taught social work at LSU for 3 years.

Todd Atkins, LCSWI am laid back, down to earth, and have a gentle approach.  I wear jeans and comfortable shirts and do not judge you–acceptance is a hallmark of my style.  From the very first session I help you explore your issues and concerns, find your answers and gain insight and perspective.  Therapy is wonderful healing dialog and I am committed to your having a successful experience. My mission is to offer you genuine presence, thoughtful interaction and individualized attention. My specialties include family of origin, relationships, marriage counseling, personality disorders, and anger management.

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